Why join RDA/NE?

Regional Dance America/Northeast is truly an extraordinary opportunity for your entire company. It is an honor to become a member of RDA/NE’s select group of dedicated companies.


Keep the intimacy and careful attention within your company while achieving the recognition, networking and awareness of a nationwide company. The best of both worlds – the advice and experience of the wisest and the best dancers, directors, teachers, and choreographers at your fingertips. Join us and be welcomed into a bigger, better family of dance!


Member Companies:

  • Gain a wider perspective about their current level
  • Realize their potential by networking with other companies
  • Are adjudicated each spring by nationally recognized dance professionals, receiving a written critique of their company’s strengths and challenges
  • Gain access and exposure to the professional dance world
  • Have three evenings of high caliber performances where your dancers have the opportunity to dance for their peers and members of the dance community.
  • Experience firsthand exposure to inventive choreography by emerging artists and to highly esteemed professional choreographers
  • Get the opportunity for their directors and dancers to network with each other, seek advice, guidance and share resources
  • Come together with a group of people who have the same goals and interest as you and have worked just as hard as you
  • Experience new teachers and see new choreography
  • Network in the professional dance world
  • Gain contacts with State and Federal arts agencies with knowledge of available grants and programs
  • Receive invaluable resources on all aspects of directing a company, including internal structuring and funding information
  • Increased prestige and credibility through membership
  • Gain recognition in the national membership roster and national publicity


Dance is a youth-oriented profession.  Dancers who wish to pursue a professional performing career must receive the highest quality of training and in most cases, achieve professional stature by the age of 18!

As a member of an RDA company, dancers:

  • Receive the highest quality of training possible with three days of classes taught by Master teachers at the annual Spring Festival
  • Gain a wider perspective about their current level
  • Are given a step into the professional dance world through master classes, adjudication, auditions and access to thousands in scholarships annually
  • Are stimulated to achieve more by seeing other dancers their same age
  • Gain knowledge, drive and determination needed to achieve their dream
  • Have the opportunity to meet other dancers from around the country who share their passion and dedication to dance
  • Experience open what the professional world of dance is like
  • Grow as artists and individuals
  • Learn, observe, renew and begin new friendships with other artists
  • Performing outside one’s community
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the annual Choreographic Intensive (CI)


What are the Membership Requirements?

• Your company must be a non-profit corporation for at least one year prior to application for membership.
• You need at least 8 dancers 13 years and older
• Your company must perform twice annually in your community.
• Your company must evaluate with a class taught by a member Artistic Director and present two original works of choreography with at least 8 dancers above the age of 13 and the works cannot exceed 12 minutes.
• This evaluation can be done in your studio via video and you would need to have one of the member Artistic Directors come and conduct the evaluation.
• Your artistic director or representative must have attended one complete festival in this region or any other region.
• As a member of RDA/NE you will pay annual dues, attend 2 membership meetings yearly and participate in the yearly festivals.


What is the Festival?

Festival is three action packed days of performances, master classes with world famous faculty, lectures, seminars and social events culminating with a Gala Performance. It is a time to learn, observe, renew and begin new friendships with other artists. In addition to giving the dancers and their directors a perspective about their artistic development, festivals enable the dancers to participate in discussion groups where they learn more about the profession. In the festival classes they are exposed to outstanding teachers whom more often than not, confirm what the dancers’ own teachers and directors have been telling them. There are also magical moments of contact with inspiring people, such as choreographers, or people who speak at festival banquets or people who are simply there to share their enthusiasm and their love for dance.


Who is the Adjudicator?


The Adjudicator is an esteemed, seasoned professional from the dance world. Each spring they visit each member company, watch a class and view the works (ballets and dances), the companies have prepared. The Adjudicator prepares a written report for the Artistic Director that supports the growth of their company artistically and technically. Some past Northeast Adjudicators include: Jeffrey Gribler- (Ballet Master Pennsylvania Ballet), Margot Sappington (dancer, choreographer with Joffrey Ballet) and the late Jonathan Phelps (former dancer with Alvin Ailey and faculty at Jacob’s Pillow).


Membership Inquiries:

Kimberly Chapman, Artistic Director
Vineland Regional Dance Company
Phone:  856-691-6059

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